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Spring 2023

Moline Centre


Do you remember when fast food was fun? It had a feeling to it that came from every part of the process being a  totally unique experience.


The cool building that felt like you arrived at a party. The whimsical characters.The glowing menu board that made you want to order one of everything. The packaging that was like opening a gift. And the food that hit the same way every time that you committed the taste to memory.

And then fast food became, well, cold. They ripped the personality out of their buildings. They got rid of the characters and the daring design. The packaging became boring. They kept changing the menu and cutting corners on the food that the experience was just never the same.

Bummer Burger is bringing back the fast food you love better than you remember it. Hand crafted, never frozen burgers served on a pillowy soft bun. Fries cut straight from a potato. Tenders made from fresh chicken breast, breaded in house. A timeless (and now elusive) twist cone.


All in a space that will give you that feeling.


We aren't trying to reinvent the wheel. We just want to give you exactly what you deserve, but this time, with a bar.


The World's First

Fast Food Bar. 

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